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Almaro Trans OÜ
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About Us

Almaro Trans OÜ is an Estonian freight forwarding company whose core business is intermediation of ferry tickets to hauliers. We began operations already in 1998, and by today our selection comprises over 100 different ferry lines in Northern Europe as well as Southern Europe. Our partners include Scandlines, Stena Line, DFDS Tor Line, Finnlines, Tallink, Viking Line and many others.

Why should a haulier use our services? Here are a few arguments:

1. Simple and convenient. Always one contact person, regardless of geographical area or ferry company. Just give us a call and we will do the rest.
2. Financially sound. The majority of ferry companies have considerably higher tariffs compared to the prices we can offer. Thanks to years of cooperation with line operators, we can benefit from volume discounts.
3. Operational. In the field of transport, situations sometimes change in a matter of hours, which is why we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
4. Advantages on booking. Often, hauliers face difficulties securing reservations for peak time departures. Thanks to contracts with ferry companies, we have a certain number of tickets we can offer, which allows access to the ferry even at short notice.
5. Easy financing. No need to operate with cash – the invoice is issued and sent by e-mail, and long-term customers have flexible payment deadlines.
6. Efficiency. When using our help with ferry tickets, the haulier has more time to develop their core business, which in turn improves the company’s efficiency.

Almaro Trans OÜ